Care Instructions for our Pieces


How to care for your bikini

Hand wash your bikini in lukewarm water with a mild detergent. Lay flat in the shade to dry.

DO NOT soak for longer than 5mins or expose to direct sunlight.


Wash your bikini as soon as possible after your competition. If the tan is left on the bikini for extended periods of time it will increase the likelihood of the tan staining the fabric and crystals.

Store your bikini in a carry case or box. Please ensure the connectors are lying as flat as possible to avoid any breakages.

Women's and Children's Clothing

Items are to be hand washed in cold water with a mild detergent. DO NOT SOAK.

In between wears we recommend spot-cleaning any marks on the tulle, or a very gentle cold handwash if absolutely necessary. 

All of our garments can be steamed, though we recommend a moderate temperature and a safe distance of about 15cm between the garment and the steamer.

All of our items have embellished with hand-embroidery, beading and sequins. Embellishments should not be exposed to a steamer under any circumstances. This could cause them to melt or oxidise, depending on the individual beads or sequins.